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Our Story


In 1976 a young Rick White opened his first jewelry store. During this time he served as a consultant to what was at the time the second oldest jewelry store in America, Lemon and Son’s in Louisville Kentucky (Founded 1828). While owning and operating his store Rick graduated from the Trenton Jewelry School giving him an inside knowledge of the possibilities in jewelry repair and design.

His extensive experience places him in the exclusive position of having developed a host of friends and colleagues in the industry. These relationships come into play when there is a need for something exclusive in jewelry design.

Rick and the knowledgeable team at White's can find the right materials, from unparalleled mounting design to stones of unmatched beauty, for your treasured piece. The capability of custom design just scratches the surface of the overall experience that is White's Jewelry and Estates.

People who visit us find that we are so much more than a Jewelry Store. They are surprised to find that although we offer some of the finest Jewelry you'll find anywhere in Northwest Arkansas we also have many unique and unusual items.

We have items such as:


  • Original Art, alongside Artistic Jewelry Design.  

  • Milgrain Wedding Bands and Military Uniforms

  • Beautiful Stone Pendants and Antique Pocket Watches

  • Cameos and Clocks

  • Precious Pieces from the Past and Pearls from the Deep

  • Certified Diamonds and a Civil War Printed Page

  • Silver Coins and a Vintage Street Lamp from the Mundelein University Campus.

  • Come and See what makes us unlike anyplace else!!!

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